About us

Resolute Co. is a Danish clothing company established in 2016 in the city of Esbjerg. All of our products are manufactured in Portugal. We focus on high quality and trendy clothing, designed with a passion for fashion. Our designs are inspired by Scandinavian fashion and with Italian features, which we believe gives the perfect look.
Our greatest interest is to satisfy our costumers, and that is what we strive for every day.

Story of the brand

"I simply went on to pursue my dream, which was to start my own clothing line. Since I was a child, I always desired to be able to design what I was wearing. When I reached my final exams in High School, I - like probably everyone else - thought to myself, what do I want to do with my life? I decided that now was the perfect time to start this ambitious and time-consuming project. And so I did. After working hard for a year and a half, I was finally ready to publish the first designs of Resolute Co.. I was very satisfied with the products, and I could not wait to show them to the public. However, unfortunately entrepreneurship can be a bumpy road with many unexpected obstacles. On the day of publication I received a call from the office telling me that my entire inventory had been stolen. Of course I was shocked, frustrated and sad at the same time, everything I had worked for was taken from me. However, I decided that this should not be the end of Resolute Co.. 
Instead I started to work on some new designs, which I am proud to announce have now entered the market. My ultimate dream is to reach the international market, and make Resolute Co. a well known brand worldwide."
- Elias Borregaard, CEO


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